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A thought

Marry me in the dafodils.
Where the sun peaks high, just above the hills.
Where the clouds fade from grey to white,
and the Earth seems a single shade more bright.

Marry me in the morning,
When the cock grows and the sun rises
When the world wakes up and aspires
to be something new, something more.

Marry me in the fog,
Where the haze is thickest,
Where I will lose focus on everything, but your eyes,
Where the rest of the world will melt away and we will be lost
in a world all our own.

Marry me in scilence.
Because only in scilence to be speak that which we truly mean.

Marry me in anger,
Because in anger we see truth come shining through.

Marry me in bursts,
because spontaneity in the spice of life, and without spice
it’s true.
Everything seems so much more bland.

Marry me slowly
like the touch of night as it falls across your cheekbone.
Let no stone be unturned.
Let no molecule not be stirred.
Let nothing pass that we do not see,
for when the world stops spinning, and time stands still,
that is when we are most open to our just cause.

Marry me …. without thinking.
Marry me without caring about anything else.
without wondering what the rest of our lives could have been.

Marry me because you want to.
Marry me because you love me.
Don’t marry me because it seems like the proper thing to do.
Don’t marry me because you feel obligated.
Don’t marry me because society tells you that’s the only choice.
That’s not love.
That’s not devotion.
That’s just nonesense.

That’s just pressure.

Marry me because the Earth underneath you moves you to,
Marry me because you see our fate, written in the stars.


My internet was down for 5 minutes so i went downstairs and spoke to my family

They seem like nice people

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posts saying white cis males suck


posts saying all men suck


friends reblogging those posts


me wearing a hatimage

me wearing another hat


me wearing another hat


me wearing another hat


me wearing the first hat again 


me wearing another hat



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Anonymous asked: Do you feel the same way Mike does about sexuality and all that jazz


entirely. Im very open with my sexuality. Thats why im encouraging of people wanting to send me nudes, because I love boobies and butts and i want to scream it at the heavens

These two are so great!